Welcome to the new Aural Fix!

Welcome to the new Aural Fix web site! Bear with us as we dig up the archives and rebuild the site. So far we managed to lose both the auralfix.com and auralfix.net domains to those usual internet vermin that scoop up tardy domain holders.

We got back our auralfix.net domain! Yayyyyy!!!

For those who already aware of our brazen past, hang tight. For those new to the cause here it is in a nut shell…

In 1995 (back when the internet was new and connected by roots, twine and rocks…) I was mourning the break up of my band (Reign of Angels) and was still very much involved in supporting my other friends in their local bands here on Long Island. I had just graduated the School of Visual Arts and was learning about this thing called the internet (apparently some guy Al Gore invented it). So with my AOL account I created this web site called “Aural Island” on my free web space that AOL gave out. It was a music oasis that featured web hosting for bands from our local Long Island music scene. It was rather cutting edge at the time, having actual multimedia content; Quicktime Videos and sound samples of local bands, mind you this was back in the age of dial up modems!

Besides hosting band pages (which would later fall way to aggregate site like Soundcloud, ReverbNation and the like) we also hosted a music news section known as Aural Fix. Local bands starving from coverage from our local print media immediately gravitated to the pithy drunken rants of publisher Mike Ferrari (now speaking in 3rd person…which he often does here so get used to it). Embolden by popular groundswell from the local Long Island Music Scene Mike Ferrari would spin off the Aural Fix section to it’s own domain at auralfix.com where it became wildly popular within the Long Island Music Scene. Then later on auralfix.net and now auralfix.us.

Spurred on by the Aural faithful publisher Ferrari (again in 3rd person…) made Long Island history by launching the region’s 1st and only publication dedicated to the original Long Island Music Scene in March of 2001: Aural Fix Communique. Starting out as every two months and then going monthly the little rag defied the naysayers and detractors…”no will read about local music”, “no one will advertise in a magazine that only covers local original music”, “blah, blah, blah…”.

We managed to last an entire decade (2001-2011) before calling it quits on the printed magazine. We could have kept it going but publisher Ferrari (yet again in 3rd person…) had some personal set backs that simply had to take precedence.

In tandem with the Aural Fix print magazine launch there was an Aural Fix Transmission radio show that began airing on the internet out of the CW Post University radio station (then known as WebRadioWCWP). Now known as the Aural Fix edition of the Rock Show on 88.1FM & WCWP.org, it is Long Island’s longest running local music radio show. It continues the Long Island local music cause every Tuesday 7-9pm EST.

So check back frequently as we will once again assert our dominance on everything local music here on Long Island NY.

Remember: Every major label act is a local band from somewhere!™

– publisher, visionary, rogue
Mike Ferrari

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