So the bastard King of Long Island media Mike¬†Ferrari was not content to just be a publisher of a web site, for he knew that the average music fan on Long Island in the year 2000 did not have access to the internet. Of course the Visionary in him knew one day that it would be ubiquitous, but at the time it was not (I know younger people may find this inconceivable, but it’s true…it was like watching man discover fire…). Anyhow I digress (long time readers, viewers and listeners are used to this, so you should get used to it too…).

As part of the Aural Enterprises business plan Mike Ferrari would develop: the web portal, the Aural Fix Communique for print and Aural Fix Transmission as it’s radio/tv counterpart.

So he launched an Aural Fix Transmission radio show that began airing on the internet out of the CW Post University radio station (then known as WebRadioWCWP). The show would feature CD cuts, interviews and live in-studio performances from local Long Island musicians.

Within a year Ferrari would impress station Director Dr. Judith Cramer with his musical taste and passion to promote him to Alternative & Metal Co-ordinator. Ferrari would pioneer local music programming at the station and his accomplishments would include getting local Long Island musicians into regular rotation, CMJ charting for local artists, creating live performance events at the university for local artists, as well as creating off campus promotional opportunities for the station, and increasing WCWP awareness among the local music community. After Dr. Cramer left he university, her successor Station Manager Dan Cox continued to support the show and the local music scene.

Now known as the Aural Fix edition of the Rock Show on 88.1FM &, it is Long Island’s longest running local music radio show. It¬†continues the Long Island local music cause every Tuesday 7-9pm EST.

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