A long time ago in a music scene far far away…

There were lots of awesome bands on Long Island, but no one was giving them any coverage. So a daring young roguish multimedia artist launched a web site in 1997 called AuralIsland.com to give them exposure and a place to host their web pages. It caused a demand for more!

So the Aural Fix section was added for local music news. That caused a sensation that some one was actually giving press to local music, even if it was only online and it spun off into it’ own site at AuralFix.com. The local music scene clamored for more!

So in March of 2001 the print magazine Aural Fix Communique was launched, making history as the first and only magazine dedicated solely to the local Long Island original music scene. This was in conjunction with a internet radio show called the Aural Fix Transmission that launched through Long Island University radio at CW. Post the month before in February of 2001.

The print magazine had an impactful 10 year run of disruptive publishing, but ceased printing in 2011. However the radio show and web sites continued on!

These days you can still hear the Aural Fix edition of the Rock Show on 88.1FM & WCWP.org Tuesdays 7-9pm and visit the new web site now at auralfix.us!

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