1. an official announcement or statement, especially one made to the media.
    synonyms: official communication, press release, bulletin, message, missive,dispatch, statement, report, announcement, declaration, proclamation,advisory;

    “a communiqué from the surgeon general is expected this morning”

    Aural Fix Communique has been the written voice of the Long Island Music Scene since 1997! It started as the music news section of the portal site that hosted online press kits of Long Island bands, long before music aggregator sites had been developed.

    Back in 1997 there were several print music publications (Newsday Night Beat, The Island Ear, Good Times, the Inside Connection, Long Island Entertainment, etc.) that barely gave ink to the Long Island original music scene. Publisher, Visionary, Publisher Mike Ferrari made it his mission to be a provocateur and cover the Long Island original music scene exclusively through his online media.

    Offering his pithy online rants against the corporate music conglomerates in conjunction with live performance and CD release reviews through the internet, Aural Fix established itself as THE source for all things Long Island music. The site offered Ferrari’s (we warned you he likes to speak in 3rd person…) take on everything he experienced in the Long Island Music Scene from every angle: from a musicians’ view, from a fans’ view, and even a music business and industry view.

    In addition to the pithy writing, Aural Fix also was unique in it’s use of multimedia on the site, including photos, music samples and videos. Mind you Aural Fix was giving visitors Audio and Video on their site back in 1997 when everyone was still using dial up modems, which probably most of you reading this don’t even know what that means…let’s just say it involved land lines, really painful squelching noises, and saint like patience waiting for something to appear on your computer screen.

    And so the local Long Island Music Scene had found their champion! The Aural Fix site created quite a buzz, bringing attention to many local artists, and soon Ferrari was producing limited hand made photo copied zines distributing them to a dozen local music venues like; Wrong Way Inn, Ground Zero, the Spot, Mr. Beerys and others. Emboldened by the popular support from the scene Ferrari was encouraged to produce a commerial print version of the Aural Fix music news site.

    In March of 2001 the print version of Aural Fix Communique was launched with much fanfare at the Wrong Way Inn music venue (then under the control of Jimmy “the Saint” Giambrone). Starting out as a 32 page newsprint magazine, publisher Ferrari was taken under the wing of Rich Black, publisher of the legendary punk zine Under the Volcano, it would be published every two months. Black would become Ferrari’s “Yoda” of publishing, teaching him the ropes of the indie zine world.

    Despite the detractors who proclaimed “no one is going to read a magazine that just has original music content” or that“no one is going to advertise in a magazine that just has original music content”Aural Fix Communique went monthly, and was in circulation for a decade. At it’s height, the magazine was producing 10,000 copies a month and was distributed from Brooklyn to Montauk.

    Unfortunately all good things come to an end (due to a few factors which you can always get publisher Ferrari to divulge over a few cocktails), and sadly the print editions ceased in 2011. However the online editions continue here at so browse around and if you’re feeling nostalgic download a PDF of archived issues.

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